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Looking at how people get shocked while touching an open electrical wire, while sometimes being amusing as we see it in movies, we develop a sense of fear to work with circuits. Ironically, when watching movies like Iron-Man or Transformers, we dream of owning & using them, if not making them.

When 12 year olds learn soldering & fearlessly execute such tasks alone, the way Iron-Man does in his Lab, we wonder the limitless potential of a child. When they build Robots, connect circuits and think innovatively; we see that the future of this world will be driven by such masterminds. This is in real, so was we speak.

When we taught Robotics to 10 -14 year old children, we were surprised with the after effects. This experiment to teach Engineering skills and Technology to young children started
fueling our desire to create an Innovation-driven platform that will foster Smartest Engineers of tomorrow. More importantly, it will foster Cognitive thinking among the younger generation while they explore Science hands-on.

The joy was unbounded when a student of 9th grade in 2012 created his own wireless car; showing us a glimpse of potential outcomes. A child must not only be provided with knowledge of today’s technology but armed with the knowledge on how to apply it & build functional models.

Eduprime Technologies pvt. ltd. thus took birth in 2013, with a focus to provide Education in PRIME – Physics, Robotics Information Technology, Mathematics & Engineering.

PRIME is a path-breaking curriculum developed to impart knowledge on, of & about Robots, while connecting the dots with its relation to Physics, Information Technology, Mathematics & Engineering. Spanned across 7 levels, the curriculum provides comprehensive education in Electronics, Mechanics, Computer science & Aesthetics, all of which are necessary to build Robots.

Eduprime uses fun & interactive kits, and engages hands-on learning pedagogy to ensure every child learns effectively. Each Level deploys a different kit, providing higher scope for experimentation & designing. We truly believe that a child learns most “when they do, when they see and when they feel what they learn”.

Eduprime goes beyond the academic motives to further impart 21st century skills such as problem solving & analytical thinking, while enhancing creative & combinational thinking of child.

Eduprime courses are offered in their Academies & Activity centers across India, where a child (8+ age) can join individually. Eduprime courses are also offered as in-campus learning module, through a Robotics Lab or a PRIME Lab in a School.

We are building an ambitious model of Technical education for K-12 segment and we would love to enlighten and inspire every child to be an Innovator. By the time, the current 8 – 16 year olds graduate Robots will be walking with us. Let us not be spectators or users only, let us be the Creators!

EDUPRIME Products & Services

EDUPRIME © provides Educational Solutions in PRIME © – Physics, Robotics, Information Technology, Mathematics & Engineering. It is an educational model innovated & developed by EDUPRIME Technologies Pvt. Ltd. for students of schools across the world. Using Robotics as a medium to learn various concepts of PRIME ©, EDUPRIME is a revolution in Education!

EDUPRIME offers 7 level extensive course for students above 7 yrs. of age which ensures that a child has hands-on learning in making different kinds of Robots & designs, electronic circuits, programming etc.

EDUPRIME also sets up PRIME Lab © in Schools across the world through its network partners and franchises, providing all the necessary kits, equipment, infrastructure & training.

We were finalist at the IDA Awards 2013, held during the Exhibition, under the category “Allied & Supportive Products / Solutions in Education”. Our team has been acknowledged for its “Spirit of Innovation” by ESSAR Oil & Gas.

EDUPRIME also is technical partner of Robotics Olympiad 2014, India’s 1st ever Robotics championship for Schools consisting Terrestrial, Aquatic & Aerial Robots.

Spirit of Innovation” by ESSAR Oil

EDUPRIME IDA Awards 2013 Finalist


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