PRIME stands for Physics, Robotics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Engineering.

Eduprime Academy is a hub for students to learn Robotics.

At Eduprime, a child can join a course in Robotics defined by highly-researched PRIME curriculum, starting from Level 1 up to Level 7. PRIME is an innovative educational model that lays the foundation for practical learning. Eduprime believes that practical experiments help in bringing science to life, making it fun and enthusing. It also enhances learners’ scientific skills, knowledge and conceptual understanding. It helps to root science in the ‘real world’ and show how scientific theory can be used to build wonders.

Our USP is that every child gets a FULL KIT as take-away along with Workbook.
We also give certificate after each level, although the student has to give exam too (no additional fees).

7 Levels in Robotics

A child, who is part of the Eduprime process, evolves as a student who understands Science by doing it. We believe in introducing every concept with live models, examples & applications. Although the unique identity here is, that every stage, through various experiments & processes, every student makes a Robot. This gives a student a sense of Development and freedom for Innovation.

Eduprime derives a concept of progressive growth from early age covering the basics to advanced stages, enhancing the research & development instinct of a child. With Technical STEM based careers in future & stringent competitive culture, we outline knowledge based approach.

To summarize, we cultivate “Curiosity into Activity, with quality”.

Basic details of Eduprime Robotics course

Total Levels: 7.

Duration of each Level: 16 hours.

Sessions: 8 sessions of 2 hours each, conducted once in a week.

Age group: starting from 8 years generally, younger kids can join after counseling.

Batch size: 10.

Schedule: As per the nearest Eduprime Academy timings.

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