Prime Lab

Prime Lab

PRIME Lab © is an in-school/campus setup of Eduprime Robotics course. It integrates the current academic structure with a parallel setup thereby allowing smooth synchronization.

PRIME is a program which intends to blend theory with practical experiments to ensure better quality education. PRIME aims to improvise the fundamentals of Physics, Robotics, I.T, Mathematics and Engineering to answer the most elemental questions that arises while learning “Why am I learning this?”. It integrates the current academic structure with a parallel setup thereby allowing smooth synchronization.


·         Know the facts and principles of science and its applications, consistent with the stage of cognitive development.

  • Nurture the natural curiosity, aesthetic sense and creativity in science and technology.
  • Cultivate ‘scientific temper’ - objectivity, critical thinking and freedom from fear and prejudice.
  • Infuse the spirit of Innovation & creation, Entrepreneurship & development.

These interventions are meant to transform the existing system of education which is possible if up-scaling of these innovative models is properly planned and executed.


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What shall we give? (Although the above image summarizes it all)

- The Kits, the Robots & the tools.
- Course Management tools.
- Course-ware: Workbooks and Training content.
- Teacher training program.
- Technical services & support.


The aims and objectives of education as envisaged by the curriculum require a certain minimum infrastructure for its meaningful implementation. Every school must have an activity room or an area where a class can assemble. The activity room should be furnished to enable children to do simple experiments as well develop larger models and projects. Space and practical work are not luxuries, instead essentials for learning of science.

What do we need from you?

- Lab space, ideally 500 sq ft. pillar-less room.
- 2 Teachers to handle the sessions.
- Time & Passion J

Logistics Analysis

PRIME in school - Logistics

How important are practical experiments in the field of science education?

The aim of science is to find explanations that are supported by evidence for the events and phenomena of the natural world. As such, practical work is an essential part of effective science education. Teaching science involves, by its very nature, showing students things or putting them into situations where they can manipulate objects and materials and see certain things for themselves. In this respect a fundamental purpose of practical work in school science is to help students make links between the natural world of objects, materials and events and the abstract world of thought and ideas.

Introducing the technological aspects along with academic Science and Mathematics is "Modern Education”.

PRIME standards of Education

PRIME is a standard developed for Robotics Education. It is a development in improving the way we educate. PRIME provides a standard & structure to an otherwise unidirectional approach to Robotics & Robotics-based education in India. It explains that Robotics is not just about making Robots but understanding various aspects in it involving Electronics, Mechanics & Computer Science. PRIME provides hands-on engineering experience to School students & defines the structure of Technical Education model for school children. PRIME model can be adopted or integrated, thus providing flexibility, which is important for any implementation.



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