Registration for Robotics Olympiad 2014 started

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Robotics Olympiad 2014 [RO ‘14] is a Pan-India level championship for schools which is being organized by Elekriti, a division of Techno Gravity Solutions & supported by EDUPRIME.

It has been initiated from a vision of building the most rigorous and diverse competition series in Robotics for School students in India.

Registrations for RO '14 have already started across India and any school from any board can participate in this pioneering Olympiad. Registrations close October 31, 2013.


The Event flowchart can be summarized as follows:

 1. Identify your zone and the Zonal Officer.

 2. Provide the LOI to RO team.

 3. Nominate 3 teams for the Qualifier Round.

 4. Qualify for the Screening Round.

 5. Qualify for the BootCamp.

 6. Get trained, improvise, Practice & win City Round.

 7. Come to Mumbai for Finale to win National Championship!

Registrations for RO '14 are being carried out in a simplified manner and only schools are allowed to register. Robotics Olympiad aims at overall improvement of a student through its distinctive rating system which ensures diverse aspects of Robotics Learning & development.

Visit Robotics Olympiad website for further Details.

PRIME Q5 course in Robotics started in School

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PRIME is an educational model which integrates Physics, Robotics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. It is invented & developed by Techno Gravity Solutions & now being pursued by EDUPRIME.

PRIME is a more focused approach for educational development based on few aspects of STEM.

PRIME Q5, a 5 year structured course that teaches all the concepts of Robotics practically is developed taking into consideration the already academic & co-curricular constraints on school & students. PRIME course requires 2 hours every week per batch and runs parallel with the school system & curriculum.

The course has been started for 5 years in various schools and is taught level-wise i.e. L1 to L5, which are covered in 60 hours per batch per year. All the Technical & educational requirements including trainers, training kits, courseware, exams/tests, assignments etc. are taken care by EDUPRIME itself and the infrastructure is provided by schools.

PRIME Q5 is a diverse visionary plan which not only includes practical concept learning but also autonomy to learn & explore. The connection between all the subjects of PRIME helps in understanding individual subjects in a profound manner with no stress of exams at all. Basically, it is a progressive learning methodology which has been started in schools.

Robotics Olympiad 2014 officially launched

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 Techno Gravity Solutions (TGS) have officially announced the launch of Robotics Olympiad 2014 "RO '14", the first ever Humanoid competition for school students Pan–India.

Robotics Olympiad will help drive initiatives for robotics amongst the young generation India and nurture them to compete at par with other students globally.

RO '14 is an important pillar which supports vision of TGS, which is to spread awareness about robotics in Indian schools.

In the flagship year RO '14 has planned a 3 day exclusive event at Mumbai with 3 diverse robot kits, where participants will compete against each other with their team robots.

At the completion of this 3 day event, the participants will not only get exposure in robotics but will also have management qualities imbibed in themselves and their team members, some of them being team work, time management and perseverance which will help them to set and accomplish goals for themselves.

Techno Gravity Solutions (TGS) will focus on delivering best value solutions, complete service and support for end user customers in Robotics and Embedded systems.


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