PRIME Q5 course in Robotics started in School

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PRIME is an educational model which integrates Physics, Robotics, Information Technology, Mathematics and Engineering. It is invented & developed by Techno Gravity Solutions & now being pursued by EDUPRIME.

PRIME is a more focused approach for educational development based on few aspects of STEM.

PRIME Q5, a 5 year structured course that teaches all the concepts of Robotics practically is developed taking into consideration the already academic & co-curricular constraints on school & students. PRIME course requires 2 hours every week per batch and runs parallel with the school system & curriculum.

The course has been started for 5 years in various schools and is taught level-wise i.e. L1 to L5, which are covered in 60 hours per batch per year. All the Technical & educational requirements including trainers, training kits, courseware, exams/tests, assignments etc. are taken care by EDUPRIME itself and the infrastructure is provided by schools.

PRIME Q5 is a diverse visionary plan which not only includes practical concept learning but also autonomy to learn & explore. The connection between all the subjects of PRIME helps in understanding individual subjects in a profound manner with no stress of exams at all. Basically, it is a progressive learning methodology which has been started in schools.


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