Physics is an extremely important part of Robotics considering almost every aspect of a robot adhering to Laws & concepts in Physics.

Physics in PRIME

Physics is the branch of science concerned with the nature, structure and properties of matter, ranging from the smallest scale of elementary particles, to the Universe as a whole. Physics includes experiment and theory and involves both fundamental researches driven by curiosity, as well as applied research linked to technology. Physics often provides the foundations for other disciplines, and plays a vital role in numerous diverse sectors of industry.

Physics talks about the science behind the machine, with a joyful emphasis on smashing things apart. It sparks your imagination by the enthusiasm for the unknown as you explore the topics from atoms to aerodynamics.Just as artists continually break things down during rehearsal to reach some truth and simplicity in performance, physicists break down matter to discover simplicity and truth in the universe.The more you learn the more number of questions you will have, and you will be amused and excited when your questions will lead you to intriguing answers. The gray areas of physics will fascinate you

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?

Albert Einstein

Curriculum Aims: -
The broad aims of the curriculum are to enable students to:
· Develop interest and maintain a sense of wonder and curiosity about the physical world;
· Construct and apply knowledge of physics, and appreciate the relationship between physical science and other disciplines.
· Appreciate and understand the nature of science in physics-related contexts;
· Develop skills for making scientific inquiries;
· Develop the ability to think scientifically, critically and creatively, and to solve problems individually or collaboratively in physics-related contexts;
· Understand the language of science and communicate ideas and views on physics-related issues;
· Make informed decisions and judgments on physics-related issues; and
· Be aware of the social, ethical, economic, environmental and technological implications of physics, and develop an attitude of responsible citizenship.

Physics does not change the nature of the world it studies, and no science of behavior can change the essential nature of man, even though both sciences yield technologies with a vast power to manipulate the subject matters. - Pope Paul VI


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