Student Highlights

    • + Age: 14
    • + Sex: Male

  • PRIME Q5 Level 3 student (2013-14)

A quiet but authoritative student who is quick learner.


Learnt Robotics using various models like -

Wired Models
Craz-e and Zipper (Junk Funk)

PRIME Skills developed -

1. Wire Stripping
2. Basic circuit making & components
3. Component identification with polarity
4. Reading Circuit pathways
5. Breadboarding basics
6. Safety precautions when working with electricity
among many others ...

Soft Skills developed -

1. Identifying requirements and prioritizing
2. Mechanical designing
3. Soldering
4. Creative use of components
5. Presentation skills
6. Safety protocols when using electronics with water
among many others ...

Apart from this, connected many Robotics concepts with concepts in Physics & Mathematics; developed basic engineering skills, learnt basic electronics & mechanics; and proved to be a swift learner in our sessions in last 2 years.

Wishing him all the best & make us proud with his innovations!



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