Name: Shrey
Grade: 2
Place: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Projects: Puppet, torch, Intruder alarm, regulated light, spin-o-wheel.

There is always one student in the class who falls in the good books of a teacher. And Shrey can definitely be that one student. He is an 8 year kid who is super-charged, competitive and importantly, a very good listener. Every week he would come up with new and interesting projects. He has made the maximum number of projects till date. Out of all his projects, I personally believe Steven (his puppet) was the best, because he used his creativity with his knowledge on circuits and came up with this fantastic idea. Other projects could also have been better if a touch of creativity was provided, but I am sure in future he is going to make more wonderful things. Keep practicing.

Teacher & feature writer: Atit Kumar.


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