Name: Nishant
Grade: 7
Place: Mumbai

Level in Eduprime Robotics course: 1

Projects: Torch, Automatic streetlight.

Nishant was one of those students who wanted to make their own robot. At the age of 12, he had calm as well as a sharp mind. He was the quickest to complete his work in a neat and organized manner. He was very enthusiastic to learn and implement the new circuits. He always used to relate the experiments with real life examples. Not just robotics but he was also interested in learning new things other than robotics if offered. Without any nervousness he used to discuss real life examples and always welcomed the knowledge that was provided. He is a good learner and a confident boy. His ideas for projects were good, but he did not get a chance to implement it. But yet he managed a few of them.

Teacher & feature writer: Atit Kumar.


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